Player Education

Our unique educational programmes help football clubs, schools, and universities empower youth development and community building, with specific consideration given to each organisation’s unique needs.

Coach Education

Our coaching masterclasses combine cutting-edge academic findings in football sciences, management sciences and sports psychology, as well as foundational objectives defined by the English FA and the German DFB.

We are a team of dedicated professionals and are always looking to be among inspiring teams and individuals

Organisations we've worked with:

Our Philosophy

We challenge players’ and coaches’ cognitive skills by introducing them to real-life scenarios and team-based problem solving.

We support coaches and players to take ownership of their learning by utilising their ideas and helping them develop their own unique style.

We celebrate diversity and cultivate an atmosphere grounded in respect, good sportsmanship and the rules of fair play.

We foster the development of individual identities whilst championing team synergy and collaboration.

We promote positive attitudes and a ‘growth mindset’ by embracing failures as learning opportunities and setting goals beyond winning.

Coach Education

Wae-In’s coaching pathway supports coaches at different levels to improve their skills, methods and career opportunities. European Coaching Masterclasses can be taken at 3 levels, depending on their career goals and personal learning objectives.

Player Education

Wae-In offers player education in a variety of formats, ranging from camps to full academy programmes – always tailored to our clients’ interests.

Coach Showcase

Dan Stepney

Head Coach Dan manages our youth coaching teams at camps and workshops. Each month, we ask coaches three questions to describe life as a coach:

What are 3 values that you try to live by as a youth coach?

Dan Stepney: Engagement, responsibility and enjoyment.

When are you happiest in your work as a youth coach?

Dan Stepney: I’m happiest when I see a topic we have covered in training come to light in a match situation – especially when that is recognised by the players themselves. 

Where do you want to see the standard of youth coaching in 10 years time?

Dan Stepney: I want to see the standard of youth coaching continue to improve! Ultimately, I would like to see coaches allowing players to take responsibility for their development, as well as allowing them to contribute to the design of sessions. The role of the coach should be one of a facilitator.

Our Team

Woong Heo

Product Manager

Heo Woong graduated from Korea National Sport University in Seoul. His career goal has always been to help connect people with sports and break down barriers. He is a passionate footballer himself and loves mentoring younger people.

Vanja Ivancevic


Vanja received his MA in Economics at the University of Glasgow and has 7 years experience in management, international banking and financial risk management. His pivot into sports management is one that comes from the heart.

Jong-won KiM

Technical advisor

Jong-Won earned his BSc from Yongin University and an MSc Sports Performance Analysis from Middlesex University and is currently completing his PhD. He has worked as an analyst with Crystal Palace FC, Barnet FC, Charlton FC & Saracens RFC. 



Tom founded Wae-In Sports in 2015. He earned his BSc from the University of Glasgow. He’s a UEFA licensed coach and loves challenging himself to grow as a coach and manager. He has embraced South Korea as his second home.

Dan Stepney

Head coach

Dan earned his BA from the University of Nottingham and is an experienced UEFA youth coach and coaching team leader. He’s worked in many parts of the world, speaks 4 languages and is always actively seeking to understand other cultures and the latest in coaching theory.

Todd Yang

Sales Director

Todd Yang has spent the past three seasons with Jeju United FC in the top division of Korean football. Educated at the Michigan State University, U.S., he has a wealth of experience working across numerous FIFA, AFC Champions League, and K-League campaigns and competitions.

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About us

Wae-In International Sports Education is based in the UK and South Korea and was established in 2015.

About us

Wae-In International Sports Education is based in the UK and South Korea and was established in 2015.