Wae-in coaching courses

Coaching as a tool

Aside from teaching sports, coaches can have a positive influence on people’s personal and professional lives, and they are effective at increasing physical activity and promoting emotional health and wellbeing.



We support coaches to take ownership of their learning by utilising their ideas and helping them develop their own unique style.


We promote positive attitudes and a ‘growth mindset’ by regularly reflecting on learning and setting personal goals.

Fair play

We celebrate diversity and cultivate an atmosphere grounded in good sportsmanship and the rules of fair play.


We foster individual identity whilst championing team synergy and collaboration.

Wae-in Coaching Masterclasses

Our coaching masterclasses combine cutting-edge academic findings in football sciences, management sciences and sports psychology, as well as foundational objectives defined by the English FA and the German DFB.

Level 1

Introduction to European Coaching

What you can expect:

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Your coaching team:


Tom Orrock


Moon Hong

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Ross A'Bear

Level 2

Principles of European Coaching - Currently not scheduled

Level 3

Mastering European Coaching - Currently not scheduled

Coaching Mentorship

Your personal coaching consultant

Wae-In provides small group and one-to-one coach consulting, tailored to specific objectives for intermediate to advanced level coaches. 

Our data-driven assessment process will provide you with unique insights to your coaching; with specific recommendations for your coaching method to match your personal style.

What our graduates say about us

Feedback is key to us and our coaches. Without your valuable feedback, we cannot learn or improve. All the inputs of our graduates are significant to us.

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About us

Wae-In International Sports Education is based in the UK and South Korea and was established in 2015.

About us

Wae-In International Sports Education is based in the UK and South Korea and was established in 2015.