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Our unique educational programmes help football clubs, football leagues, schools, and universities empower youth development and community building, with specific consideration given to each organisation’s unique needs.

What our students learn

Rooted in the English FA’s EPPP model and inspired by the German DFB’s strong focus on psychological development, our curriculum oversees all four key areas of development to becoming a complete footballer.

Our player education programmes


Special one-day workshops are highly tailored for our clients to support specific educational or community aims. 

After school programmes

Our after school programmes help schools raise their football education programmes to the next level.

all-year camps

Our camps are designed as an intensive skills and English language experience. All important skill areas are covered: Technical, Tactical, Physical, Social-Psychological.

our guiding principles

What we believe in:


We listen to children and their ideas, empowering them to take ownership of their learning.


We value respect - we show it, we teach it, we earn it.

Total Football

We maximise time on the ball through ‘game-related’ and ‘in-game’ practices.

Joyful learning

Sessions must be fun and have clear objectives that our players can understand and relate to.

Equal opportunity

We use ‘small sided’ games so all players are involved.


Children have lots of ball time and are actively engaged.

Positive reinforcement

Our coaches create a positive and inclusive learning environment.


Growth comes before winning.


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About us

Wae-In International Sports Education is based in the UK and South Korea and was established in 2015.